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                    Raj Kundra, businessman, and husband of actor Shilpa Shetty, was arrested by Mumbai police on Monday night for allegedly making pornographic films and publishing them on mobile applications.


Raj Kundra

Mumbai police said a case was filed in February this year and Kundra "was the mastermind behind the conspiracy. Police also added that they had enough evidence about Kundra, who was arrested after hours of investigation.

According to sources, Kundra has invested R10 million in a company called Kendring, which is registered in the UK. The accused known as Umesh has already been arrested in the case. Sources said there was a financial dispute between Kundra and Umesh over pornography.

Sources also claimed that this was the second POWER presented by the police in the case. In this MOTO, Kundra has been appointed as the chief builder. The previous car was set up by Mumbai police against nine producers and other models, both men and women, who were allegedly caught making sexually explicit content. Porn videos are still widely distributed in subscription-based apps.

This is not the first time Kundra has been embroiled in controversy. In March last year, both Shetty and Kundra were named in an alleged incident in connection with the Satyug Gold Pvt scam. Ltd, a gold trading company whose former directors.

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