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                   Areas that did not receive a single Covid-19 case last month could reopen schools for students in grades 8 to 12 from July 15, according to a revised government decision by the Maharashtra education department. 



"An integrated approach to education is an hour-long need in these difficult times. While we continue to promote distance learning and online education, we are also working for a safe resumption of rural corona-free schools," said the Minister of Education in schools. Varsha Gaikwad while sharing a government order.

"As a first step, villages that have not been charged with Covid-19 for more than a month and when the gram panchayat decides to adopt appropriate behavior in accordance with parents/guardians will be allowed to reopen classrooms from 8 to 12 July 15," he added.

A committee will also be formed at the district level and schools will need to be brought to the committee before reopening.

The directive goes on to say that schools will be required to follow all standard Covid (SOP) standard operating procedures and to regularly monitor student temperatures while they are in college.

"Schools must ensure that no more than 20 students are housed in a classroom to ensure that proper hygiene practices are followed," it said.

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