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                   For many of us, tea time is not only our regular cuppa but also munchies and snacks with rusks, cookies, and namkeen. However, before getting more help with a calorie snack, it is must to ask yourself if you are actually hungry, or just want to?                                


Nutritionist Dr. Ria Banerjee Ankola recently took to Instagram to discuss how people tend to eat unnecessarily lightly or without hunger, a common problem that leads to weight gain. "You don't need nashta or a snack every day with your tea and coffee," she said.

Add to the diet only if you are hungry. "Otherwise give the rest of the digestive system to unnecessary food," she said.

How can one stay away from unnecessary munching?

According to Dr. Ria, one should focus on eating well. “The human body was mapped out to work all day, to eat well when you are actually hungry, and to rest when you are really tired".

What should you be avoiding?

When you wake up in the morning, it is best to have 4-5 almonds and drink your tea or coffee to avoid acid. But even if you are right, you don't really need that processed cookie or rusk for it, add.

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