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                                  After China, the latest country in Asia, to ban the trade in specialized cryptocurrencies and non-fungible-tokens (NFTS) is Thailand. The Thai Securities and Exchange Commission ("SEC") has issued new rules banning certain types of digital currencies, including those of the meme currencies such as Dogecoin. According to him, the ban is intended to protect the investors of the tokens that are "not a goal or an explicit object, and their values will be affected by the trend of social networking sites, online, and powerful people. The ban also includes fan-chips" is that the increase in the popularity of the stars and their influence. 


While the Thai people can still trade these tokens and digital currencies, the goal is the strengthening of currency regulation is to make it harder for the exchange of information in order to operate within the assets in Thailand, as well as the protection of the financial system. 

In a statement, the SEC said that the exchanges are valid for this activity, the market will be subject to the amended rules, up to 30 days from the date of publication of the advertisement (June 11).

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