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                    World's largest cryptocurrency by market cap, has lost over 20% in the last six days, and half of April, with a peak of nearly $ 65,000. However, this year it has increased by more than 10% of cases. 



China has ordered the Alipay payment platform, and its national bank, not in order to provide services related to virtual currency trading. The organization was also ordered to the relief of the payment channels for the Crypto Exchanges and the platform tools to the People's Bank of China, said in a statement. 

Separately, a Chinese city with an abundance of hydroelectric power energy needs Instagram for mining activities. A Jaan official told us, at least, a single bitcoin miner, which the city has pledged to eliminate all of the bitcoin and ether, the mining industry in the year, sources told Bloomberg. Some of the comments, as reported by the international monetary Fund, has said that China is the world's hash rate, the computational power being used for the production of the coins, and the process by Instagram transactions-that is, is the wind in the midst of the more stringent regulatory oversight. 


Downfall of Market

Information about the mining industry has been in short supply. However, bitcoin mining in China has accounted for about 65% of the world's production last year, according to the University of Cambridge, Sichuan province, is the second-largest producer. The companies that will my bitcoin be in an energy-intensive process, and have a tendency to have large amounts of cryptocurrency, and for all of the action is to sell in large quantities and drive down prices.

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