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                   Mukesh Ambani, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Reliance Industries Limited, said that Jio has entered into a partnership with one of the biggest Internet companies, Google, Google Cloud is the latest power solutions, Jio 5G, and the internal needs of other companies. 


Jio 5G


As part of a long-term partnership, Google Cloud, and shall provide a complete, end-to-end, cloud-based, in order to fully automate the network life-cycle management, and delivery of Jio 5G. 

With Google Cloud, in conjunction with the site's telecommunications capabilities, it will help Jio 5G to meet the needs of the customer, and, as a consequence, the strengthening of Jio's position as one of the industry's leading networks, and is the largest service providers in the country. 

Jio and Google Cloud are working together to build up a portfolio of 5G, the information technologies that can help industries to solve real-world problems. Jio has been exploring the creation of new services for the gaming, healthcare, education, and video entertainment industry. These services are going to make use of the Jio 5G network, Google, Cloud, software, and innovation in the ai/ML and data analytics, as well as other cloud-based technologies offered by Jio, and is powered by Google Technology.

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