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                  Many people have a hobby of collecting, rare coins, which have no place in the system or are no longer needed. However, if you are fortunate enough that we have a two-rupee coin, you could easily get a chance to win 5 Lakhs Rs, as the ad on Quikr is displayed.                                                                  

2Rs Coin
                                                                                This is a two rupee coin that was created in 1994, the flag of India on the one hand, and the value of the website, Quikr, it is said that 5 lakh rupees. In the meantime, the value of a rupee coin of Rs 2 lakh. While the 1 Rs coin, which was published in 1918, and is said that it is worth the effort for 9 Lakhs Rupees. If you have these rare coins may have a one-time payment, taking into account the fact that you can negotiate with the seller. There is also a website called Coinbazzar, that is, in fact, it is a great platform to sell old ones, and it enables you to sell old 10 rupees note to receive, in exchange for 25,000 Rs.

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