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                  Billionaire investor Mark Cuban of Shark Tank Fame, was a surprise to me, after all the Iron and Titanium cryptocurrency token has dropped to zero and the dollar following the panic selling with a high of more than $64 in just a few hours


Mark Cuban


The cuban was talking about his investments in the Iron, titanium, and coins in this week's blog post, that his enthusiasm for the QuickSwap. "I'm offering 2 different types of runners (DAI / TITAN"), so that QuikSwap to the offer to swap between the two pieces of silver," he said. 


Market Downfall

However, the TITAN fell after investors started to dump more of its assets, which led to panic selling, and the smaller investors, which has led to a plethora of coins that have been hit by the low price. 726 in the evening, Eastern time, potato chips were worth as little as a penny.

Previously, Cuban said that he has invested in more than 10 blockchain startups and is optimistic about the future of the currency. The crypto portfolio consists of more than 60% of the bitcoin, 30% of that of Ethereum, and the rest is absorbed by a different currency. Considers Bitcoin as a store of value rather than a currency, and said, " it's the next best thing to gold.

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