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                  With the participation of Godawari Power and brought to the shareholders 896% gain for the year. The stock closed at Rs 156.80 on the 15th of June, 2020, is the target of Rs 1,561. 95 MAD for today. The amount of 1 lakh rupees to be invested in Godawari Power of the shares one year ago, has now turned into 9.96 lakh rupees. 


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By way of comparison, the Sensex has only grown by 58.95% in the same period. Today is the day, the stock hit a record high of Rs 1,561.95. However, on the BSE, it was 6.08% to Rs 1,411. With the participation of fell off at the end of seven days in the future. Godawari Power's share is above the 5-day, 20-day, 50-day, 100-day and 200-day moving averages. The activation of the energy company, in the afternoon session, it was Rs 5,114 crore. 


Godawari Power

During the month of may, this indicator grew by 52.89%. The number of FIIs, Godawari Power of the stock has increased from zero to 15, in the March quarter of the previous fiscal year.  With the participation of the electric power to a manufacturer of Chhattisgarh, over the past year, it has surpassed its peers. 

The share of the euro is second. Steel is increased by 59% during the same period. The participation of any other competitor, Tata Steel is increased by 283.74% for the year. Since the 15th of June, last year, to SAIL entry is added to 371%. Hindalco Industries ' participation has increased by 169% in the same period. 

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