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              The shocking comments of the founder of the Telegram on iPhones could alienate many Apple fans. Durov feels that Android phones are much higher than iPhones because they are still stuck in the "middle ages". He not only criticized iPhones but also had a choice about who they were using. He called users "the digital slaves of apple". Durov has expressed his views on Apple following a New York Times report highlighting tech giant's ties with China.                             


Durov logged on to his Telegram channel and shared a New York Times article linking Apple's relations with China and its involvement in "greater vigilance and research at China's mandate."

"Apple is doing very well in the pursuit of their business model, which is based on the sale of locked computers in its state-of-the-art system," Durov said. "Every time I have to use an iPhone to test our iOS system I feel like I've been thrown back in the Middle Ages. The iPhone's 60Hz display can't compete with the 120Hz display of modern Android phones that support smooth animation," he added.

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