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                           Farmer fear:

 Farmer unions in Punjab and Haryana say the recent laws enacted at the Centre will dismantle the minimum support price (MSP) system. Over time big corporate houses will dictate terms and farmers will end up getting less for their crops, they argue. Farmers fear that with the virtual disbanding of the mandi system, they will not get an assured price for their crops and the “arthiyas” -- commission agents who also pitch in with loans for them -will be out of business. The next step in the agricultural reform process will be the doing away with the government procurement process as well as MSP. This is going to primarily hurt the farmers from Punjab and Haryana, because government procurement infrastructure in these areas is very good. 




This is primarily because the Green Revolution of the 1960s started here also these farmers get more benefit from MSP than farmer from any other state. MSP is the minimum price paid by the government when it procures any crop from the farmers. It is announced by the state-run Commission for Agricultural Costs and Prices (CACP) for more than 22 commodities on an annual basis, after calculating the cost of cultivation. Here Food Corporation Of India plays the main role. 

                       Farmer demands:

 The main demand is the withdrawal of the three laws which deregulate the sale of their crops. The farmer unions could also, settle for a legal assurance that the MSP system will continue, ideally through an amendment to the laws.




 They are also pressing for the withdrawal of the proposed Electricity (Amendment) Bill 2020, fearing it will lead to an end to subsidized electricity. Farmers say rules against stubble burning should also not apply to them. Because according to them they have no other choice than burning the stubble in such a short period of time.

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