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I just wanna sleep sleep n sleep
& never wake up
For sleep is my escape from everything.

I just wanna run run n run
& never come back
For this scary place has no place for me.

I just wanna cry cry n cry
Till I run out of tears
For I cannot take any more of the pain.

I just wanna write write n write..
& fill miles n miles of paper
For it makes me feel better, makes me feel alive again..

I just wanna go go n go
& keep going
‘Cause the ray of hope is still alive in my heart..

Hope that..
That I’ll rise again , I’ll shine again
That this darkness will fade & the ray of happiness will scatter my life again..

That the pain will go away & just one; one real smile will make me look beautiful again..

That I’ll learn to dream & believe in them again,
That I’ll learn to love myself again..

That I won’t have to share everything wid this lonely diary & I’ll have someone;
someone who’ll love me the way I wanna get loved .. AGAIN ..

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