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                   I don’t know if I’m the right person to write about this topic but taking a look at last 6 months I think I’ve experienced enough to go for it & all these experiences contribute in the process of becoming the person I want to be & the person I am today..

Healing is a journey.. from feeling so weak to being the strongest.. it’s not a steady path.. it’s a steep way with many ups and downs.. it takes time & no one knows how much..


Healing is a Transformation..from constantly doubting yourself, questioning your worth, not feeling confident and feeling like you lost yourself completely and you don’t even recognise yourself anymore , the person you before seemed like a complete stranger.. yes healing is a Transformation.. from having Suicidal thoughts, hating yourself,regretting about your past to loving and living your life to the fullest..

From hating the people who caused damage to you, seeking vengeance to forgiving them for your peace & letting all the negative things (all the grudges,toxic thoughts, insults, abuses, all the terrible things they said to you , about you) happened in the past to go..and taking full responsibility of your life and your actions..


Healing is the greatest Manifestation.. from feeling that you’re ugly or you’re not good enough & you’ll never experience true love to gaining enough strength to believe that you still deserve the love you want, the love you gave to the wrong person & gaining enough patience to wait for it..

From blaming all your imperfections to be the reason they left you , may it be your appearance,height or some personality traits like your attitude,maturity to Loving all your imperfections & turning them into your greatest strengths..

Healing happens when the greatest and most destructive Havoc in your life becomes the greatest lesson of your life ..

And after that you meet the new you.. you become more positive and mature than you’ve ever been leading towards the Best Version of yourself.

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