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                   The central government has scheduled the reopening of schools after October 15. However, the actual manner of reopening will be decided by individual states. This means it will vary depending on where students go to school.                                                                      


 For now, Delhi has decided against bringing back students until the end of October. On the other hand, Utter Pradesh has announced a phased reopening but has left the final decision to the districts, based on their COVID-19 situation                                                                           


 According to the senior officers in the Education Ministry, the union government had already indicated its preference last month. "Attendance must not be enforced and must depend entirely on the parental decision." Those students who choose not to go back to school can attend classes online. Even if parents decide to send their children to school, they will not be going every day. Attendance could be rotational, on alternate days, or every two days.

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