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             The 10 August hearing regarding the Final Year Examinations to be conducted was heard by the Court.

                        Supreme Court 

Students are in a state of distress amid the pending decision for the final year examinations. August 10 hearing indicated the conduction of exams to be successful as per the guidelines from the UGC. The advocate representation the UGC conveyed the court that the complete operation details would be presented before the Supreme Court on the next hearing date that happens to be August 14.

The UGC has insisted on the exams to be conducted for the final year students throughout the country. While states like Maharashtra and Delhi and many others have declared the cancellation of final year exams. But going on legal terms UGC declared this decision to be not authenticated. And the issue was taken into the courts as the judiciary system is over the top. 


Today the Supreme Court has deferred the hearing to be held on August 14. The Supreme Court has provided no firm decision over the issue of cancellation of final year exams as it seems to be difficult to provide a verdict in such a quick movement.                                   

HRD Minister Mr. Ramesh 

The SG has asked the students to prepare as they should not be under the impression of no necessity for preparation. The next hearing on August 14 for the Final year exams by the Supreme Court would definitely give out a  new direction to the brawl aroused.
SG said no degree if no exams are conducted and that's the law hence students should start the preparation for exams as no degree would be provided if no examinations occur.
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