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                          And yet again the Jeff Bezos led Amazon has been right into business. Amazon has rightly got into the core business by introducing the right product at the right time or when the public needs it the most. Amazon has entered India in the year 2013 and since then have been giving a tough competition to Walmart owned Indian origin startup Flipkart.

Amazon India has launched the Amazon Pharmacy, an online pharmacy service in Bengaluru. The Online Pharmacy Industry has many competitors namely Practo, Netmeds, etc and have been booming amid the pandemic and looking after the circumstances Amazon India has launched amazon pharmacy


According to a survey by RedSeer Consulting, the Online Pharmacy industry is expected to rise up to  $ 4.5 billion. As the pandemic occurred social distancing happened to be a norm to be followed strictly and provided medicine being a necessity and emergency service it needs to be bailed off from the rules but obviously gathering at the medical store makes no sense and hence the online pharmacy industry is benefiting as they provide home delivery at convenience looking at the upcoming valuation Amazon has entered into the business and with a Brand name Amazon is to benefit as well. 

Currently, Amazon Pharmacy operated on prescription-based service for Bengaluru but soon is to expand across India.

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