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                           In the wake of coronavirus, many education institutes redrafted the plans and procedures for admission. And one of the most reputed institutions in India the Indian Institute of technology has been evaluating methods to optimize the process and criteria.

As per the latest reports from the HRD Minister the IIT has dropped the 75% criteria for the eligibility from the 12 board exams and the students clearing the JEE-Advance would be eligible for admissions to the respective IITs.

IIT Kharagpur

In the pandemic students' grades were affected and hence the decision is welcomed by the students. earlier scoring 75% in class 12 was a compulsion in order to be eligible for admission but the pandemic made the change in criteria. Now the candidate who has cleared the JEE- Advance would be eligible for admission to the IIT irrespective of their class 12 marks. 

In a series of a tweet by the HRD Minister the details were confirmed and they received huge applause from the public. Till last year,  students who get 75 percent and above marks in the board exam of class 12 or ranked in the top 20 percentile in their respective qualifying examinations were eligible to select for an Indian Institute Of Technology. Due to the large impact of COVID-19, HRD Minister supposed to take this decision.

Furthermore, the details are awaited!

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