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                  The Share Market has seen a rise despite the cases being on a rise of the coronavirus and seems to be false straightening up and hence experts suggest a buy at dip strategy for the Stock Market and the same goes for gold as well. the ideal way of buying gold is via shop owners in the form of ornaments of biscuits but we can surely buy it online via various platforms.

Gold Ornaments

The price of gold hit a high of $1917.90 but dropped to $1880 a $37.9 drop in a day is drastic and hence made it to the headlines of many platforms. The drop is supposed to be due to rising tension between China and the United States of America along with the rise in corona cases globally.

It is observed from the previous market crases which suggest the gold price surged as when the markets collapsed. The reason for the happening is due to gold being considered as a safe investment. Gold is a commodity and is considered safe over the years it is a yellow metal which very precious and as the gold prices saw a drop Silver also came off its high over the last few months.


  This forms to be good news for all the gold buyers as they see a drop in the price but still gold is range-bound around 49000 INR and the current price is around 47900 INR and this can be buying opportunity for the investors.

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