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The Chinese electronics company Xiaomi launched the Redmi series to complement their flagship upper range Mi phones. However, the release of the Redmi Note 9 series has been very confusing. The company released some of its variants in India before China. Today, Xiaomi India released the Redmi Note 9 in India which was first released in the European Markets.



Before we get into the mobile phone itself, I think it is important to address the BOYCOTT CHINESE PRODUCTS debate. The Indian government has taken its first step by banning 59 Chinese apps in India. But does this translate to Boycotting Chinese consumer electronics?


Well, as reported in the Times of India, our trade deficit to China is a whopping 48.5 billion dollars. That means that the value of goods that we import (China earns) is greater than the value of goods we export (India earns) by 48.5 billion dollars. This amount of money or this profit that China makes is more than it spends in its military efforts on the Indian Borders. This is enough to realize that the sentiment of BOYCOTTING CHINESE GOODS has many merits.


This could be the impetus behind the ATMA NIRBHAR initiative. However, the placement statistics that any engineering student can vouch for is that most engineers - computer science engineers or not - get placed in the Software Engineering industry. However, very few electronics engineering students get placed in core electronics companies. This is indicative of the sad realization that we have missed the boat in electronics.

Furthermore, the reason for banning Chinese apps in India was not Boycotting Chinese products. However, it was to protect the average Indian user from data theft. India’s ministry of Information Technology stated that the ban was a result of many user complaints of data theft and suspicious data transmission - as reported by the BBC.

 It is well known that China’s national intelligence law enforces a necessity for every tech organization to help the Chinese state intelligence in its efforts. Additionally, the cybersecurity law states that the government's supervision must be accepted. All these issues give the Indian government a good reason to ban Chinese apps. However, the purchase of Chinese consumer electronics is not prohibited.

These are the arguments, to the best of my understanding. Sadly, I cannot give you a generalized conclusion to this debate because you must decide for yourself whether you can, should or want to boycott Chinese goods.




I am certain that you can find the specifications of the phone on a gazillion websites. However, some of the cool features, rumors, and nuances I came across are as follows -


  1. The global version had a feature that allowed the redmi note 9 to be used as a power bank to charge other devices. In combination with its massive 5020 mAh battery could be a handy feature, especially in corona-times when touching unknown surfaces is a hazard.
  2. In Adele’s words “rumor has it that the Indian release of the Redmi Note 9 has a 6GB RAM version. Which is great if you love to switch between apps.
  3. It has a crisp bokeh mode that has great edge detection capabilities but the video camera has let few reviewers down.
  4. A nuance, explained by The TechieGames on YouTube (really good channel), is that you can use the face unlock feature in low light but you will need at least 40% brightness in most cases.
  5. It charges from 0 to 100 in a little over 2 hours, which is a fairly long time but given the battery size and the expected price point, it is acceptable.


In conclusion, the belief is that the Redmi Note 9 series missed the market basket that has a budget of approximately 10,000 INR. So, this could be that phone. However, by now - you will know the price of this phone.

Thank you for reading. Share this with the people that would be interested in the arguments presented about the BOYCOTT CHINA movement. The notion has always resonated with me, however, we are a few years of resilient innovation away from being able to achieve it.

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