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                  Kings XI Punjab (KXIP) co-owner Ness Wadia revealed a big statement about the Indian Premier League (IPL). He said that IPL should make an extreme decision with Chinese sponsors for the motive of the nation. He proudly said that country comes first then everything else and it's our Indian Premier League, not Chinese Premier League.

On Tuesday, 30 June Ness Wadia appealed for step by step end to Chinese sponsorship in the Indian Premier League. He also said that I am quite sure there are enough Indian sponsors who are able to replace them. Movement for boycotting Chinese products and apps is on the way after 20 Indian soldiers were martyred in the Galwan Valley clash on June 15. Before a month ago BCCI announced to call a meeting of the IPL Governing Council but due to the pandemic situation of COVID-19, it was postponed.
On Monday, India banned 59 Chinese applications and now BCCI may going to make a decision about Chinese sponsorship. Wadia further said that definitely, it would be hard to find sponsors in the beginning but we are able to make it. All Indians must have respect for our nation, for our government, and especially for soldiers who consistently risk their lives for us. On 15 June, the Chinese soldiers attacked with the stones, nail-studded sticks, iron rods on the Indian soldiers. The incident was the biggest clash between the two militaries after their 1967 confrontation when India lost around 80 soldiers in Nathu La and China lost around 300 soldiers. 

Vivo is the largest sponsor of the Indian Premier League (IPL) and it pays the BCCI Rs. 440 crore annually for the five-year deal which is ending in 2022. There are some other companies also which are in sponsorship with India Premier League that is Paytm, Swiggy, Dream11 is the Chinese investors, not only the IPL, some of the teams are also attracted by Chinese sponsorships. When businessman Wadia presents is thought, other teams with Chennai Super Kings, said that they will be agreeing to go with whatever the decision takes by the government. One of the sources from Chennai Super Kings (CSK) said to PTI that it will be difficult to replace them initially but it must be done for the nation, for the Indian army. 

Another team owner said that let's wait for the government decision whatever they decide, we will follow it. Afterall the nation comes first. Instead of that the business tycoon Wadia said that it is not correct to wait for the government's decision on the subject like this, it is our own responsibility to stand with our nation in this situation. After that, he also said that if I am on the position of BCCI president, I would surely say find me as an Indian sponsor for all upcoming seasons. This is the right time for the Indian companies to step up and see the same profit and opportunities that Chinese sponsors have seen in the Indian Premier League, which is one of the best T20 league in the world.

Further, Wadia asked about the Chinese sponsorships in the Indian Premier League and he said that all teams in the IPL should give enough time to replace Chinese sponsors and as I said earlier there are enough good Indian companies that can surely replace them. I am also very happy with the Indian government's decision to banned Chinese applications. Wadia also said that according to my observation if India does the right decision at the right time, it will be definitely the superpower. 

The reporter asked Wadia about their opinion on Chinese products, he said that I also don't like to buy Chinese products because their quality is too low. My focus always has to be making Indian and buying Indian products and applications. As we all know that China is the biggest country in the world and now it also dominates the world through its products and apps, it has to be finish somewhere. I am sure that all Indians will put effort, hard work, and talent to make India a manufacturing hub, and one day India will dominate the world by making our own market.

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