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                                     People who are willing to start their own start-ups are always attracted by stories of successful entrepreneurs and their dreamy start-ups. Entrepreneur's journey towards their dream plan is not as simple as it sounds. Here is a dream chaser story of a small-town boy from India with $10k built a $15 million business to clash more than 250,000 professionals.
Subramanyam Reddy, commonly known as Subbu, was born in 1983 in a village named as Kadapa in Andra Pradesh. He completed his MBA in Marketing & HR in 2007 with the aim of becoming an entrepreneur. Initially, he started his career in marketing with a small start-up in Bengaluru, and further, he tie-up with a training firm in a marketing role. In just the first six months, he performed excellently and up the business 8 times. In this deal he was promised a 5% by the founder of the company, which was not given to him, instead, he was fired without any reason.
After that, he decided to achieve his vision to make an up-skilling engaging, accessible, and long term for students and professionals. He started his KnowledgeHut (KH) in the year 2011 with his friends. They started office with 12 employees and start their journey with KH. Even after lot of attempts in the initial 2 months, they were unable to generate any revenue.
Dream Plans
 Subramanyam had no more savings in his hands to keep the business awake and also employees wanted to leave the start-up, but Subbu convinced them to stay. At the starting of the fourth month, the business started to fly-in and they successfully made revenue of approx USD 28K by the end of that year In the next five years, the KH team built ten times in revenue and expanded the business globally.

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