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               In the wake of coronavirus, all the educational institutes have been shit since march. Finally, after much chaos, the State Minister Mr. Nawab Malik has given out some news regarding the admission procedure that is to be conducted generally in the month of June.

Admission procedures get a start but due to the coronavirus pandemic, it got delayed, and finally, after two to three months of chaos the state minister has given out some important information regarding the admission procedure. Mr. Nawab Malik the minister of states has stated that admission to the ITI would be happening from the 1st of August. There are 417 state Run ITI colleges and 569 private colleges as well they have 92556 number of seats that are governed by the state and 53272 number of seats that are governed by the private colleges.

Mr. Nawab Malik 
The minister has stated details regarding the procedure of admission to the Industrial Training Institute would be happening via the online mode at the portal 
Currently, only the admission procedure details have been given out by the Minister whereas operational details would be provided by taking into consideration the lockdown situations happening across India.
The eligibility criteria are very simple, student whether he or she has cleared the 10th standard or not he is eligible, as well as the one who is possessing adequate qualification and is above the age of 14, is eligible for this admission procedure.

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