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                              The COVID 19 outbreak happened in the month of March of the current year affected many fields of operation. No field of operation is left unaffected or uninfected by the coronavirus. The film industry was the one to be affected at the last as many glamorous industries namely politics and sports were affected well in advance. But however, coronavirus as entered the TV serial industry as well and an actress has tested positive for the test.


The Ishqbaaz actor Aaditi Gupta has tested positive for the coronavirus test. Aaditi Gupta after discovering symptoms isolated herself in her room in order to avoid contact with the family. The actor has urged people to stay safe, alert, and get tested if having any kind of hints regarding the happening of the virus. Aaditi Gupta used her social media handle to put out the details regarding her test details. 

The actor in an interview informed about her dog who was not keeping well since last few days and she did take him to the doctor while she had no clue about when and where the virus made way to her body and as soon as she got to know about some symptoms she was facing are similar to the virus she isolated herself in her room.


June 19 was the day Qubool Hai actor Aditi Gupta tested positive and going by the law formed by the committee she has to stay home quarantine for 14 days from the day she tested positive and she has been happy to stay home and termed her stay as a stay at heaven. She got symptoms which ere not common and she was unknown to those symptoms but when she lost the taste and sense of smell she decided to get a test done and unfortunately the results came out to be positive and till the results arrived she was under quarantine and as soon as she got the results of being positive over the virus they got her entire family tested for the virus and to their fortunate surprise they all tested negative which happened to be the most relieving news for her in the tensed situation.

She voiced about how people are afraid to get tested owing to the tag they will be attached post the results of the test. She urged people to get tested and they should get self quarantined home and consider it as their social responsibility and stop the spread of COVID 19. She wants all social media personalities to come forward have a word about it.

Badlte Rishton Ki Dastan actor appreciated the efforts by Kabir Chopra who happens to be a husband for keeping her spirit high in times of crisis. As the reports came in about her being positive she had the guilt of infecting the person she had contact within the day duration or long before as well and she made it a point to inform all of them to get tested. Also, she panicked in the initial days but her friend and family stood by her self in the time of crisis.


As per the current situation, the Kis Desh Me Hai Mera Dil actor has got her sense of taste and smell back to a certain extent and expect to recover soon also she has been home quarantined for now and hopes to recover soon and her family has been waiting for the second reports to be negative. 

She insisted the citizens be fitness-oriented as it will boost their immune system and help them fight the virus. The cases of corona have been on rising since the last few days and no vaccine has been found yet but many pharmaceutical companies have begun the testing for the drug vaccine but no one is able to achieve the desired results. The virus has brought the world to a standstill and hopes to receive soon as this is drastically affecting human life as well as the economy of countries around the world. 

The coronavirus was originated in China and the world has been targeting china as it is suggested by the report that the virus was formed in the labs of China.

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