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                  And yet again the final year exams have gone in for a toss as the AICTE steps in, the AICTE has conveyed the Bombay High Court regarding the decision it has taken after receiving guidelines from the UGC. AICTE has instructed all its affiliated colleges to conduct the exams in the paper and pen mode, which is the offline mode or online mode as well as per the convenience after receiving guidelines from the UGC. The Maharashtra state has filed an appeal in the court regarding the cancellation of exams which might hamper the credibility of students and they might miss future opportunities.
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The state is firm on canceling the exams and they have written to the UGC, also appealed to the Prime Minister of India Mr. Narendra Modi regarding the decision taken by the UGC, and the state thinks it is not in favor of the students. The decision of the state regarding the cancellation of exams has been challenged by an Ex-Professor Dhananjay Kulkarni and has stated the regulations which provide the Chancellor the final authority to make the decision. The AICTE has confirmed that it has not canceled the final examination and they have instructed the affiliated colleges and the deemed universities to conduct the final exam keeping the safety of students in mind. As they have to conduct exams in order to not lose the credibility of the student at the same time they have to take care of the health of students as well and have been instructed to take the required safety measures as well.
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 The high court would take up this hearing on the July 31st of 2020 which would finally define the future of the final year students and when the AICTE steps in, it's completely for engineering students and the students need to be aware of the conditions around the decisions by the governing committee. It's kind of hint from the news which suggest student should start preparing for the examinations. 
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As the UGC has the Supreme Power over it and the university is liable to the UGC. The state universities and Universities over the country are governed by the UGC and they have to abide by the rules and regulations and guidelines implemented by the UGC. The state government has no authority to cancel the examination is what was stated by the Ex-Processor Dhananjay Kulkarni and its PIL file in the courts, the chancellor is the supreme to make decisions for the university and all the chancellor are governed by the UGC along with the university's and this is a kind of a warning bell for the students.

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