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                                   After banning 59 Chinese applications in the month of June, the Indian government has banned 47 more Chinese applications over the country. According to the sources, the 47 banned Chinese applications were related to the earlier banned applications. The list of all 47 Chinese applications banned by the Indian government will be announced soon. 

The Indian government has also made a list of around 250 Chinese applications in that, apps attached to Alibaba and other linked applications were decided to ban. Few top gaming Chinese applications are also may be banned in the newly revised list. Tencent game PUBG was also included in the list of banned apps. The decision taken by the Indian government follows after the ban of 59 Chinese applications including Tik Tok, Shareit, etc. According to the sources, the border tensions continued after the banning of 59 Chinese applications still, the Indian government took the decision and banned 47 more Chinese applications.

                                On the next day of banning 47 more Chinese applications, Google announced it has removed that 47 applications from Play Store. After banning, Tik Tok claims the legal action against the Indian government for banning the apps in India. The Chinese Foreign Ministry has also reacted to the decision of banning Chinese applications in India and said that country is heavily bothered regarding the decision taken by the Indian government.
Zhao Lijjian

 According to the reports, Zhao Lijian said that the Chinese government always prefers Chinese business in the international market and the Indian government a responsibility to hold the legal rights of international investors including Chinese investors.

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