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                     The UGC has brought an update regarding exams that are to be conducted as per the latest press issue from the UGC which states that out of the 640 universities a digit of 431 universities has conveyed their response positive to the UGCs decision for conducting the final year examinations and not to promote students on the basis of previous records amidst the coronavirus pandemic. 

On the 16th of July 2020, the UGC posted a circular and provided an update to the press regarding the response received from 640 universities on the conduction of final year examinations amidst the coronavirus pandemic situation.

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UGC had demanded a response from the universities regarding the status of the examinations after the circular was presented by the UGC on the 6th of July. Out of the 640 universities, 29 happen to be private universities formed in the year 2019 to 2020, and as they don't have students eligible for the final year examination they are excluded from this process. 

16 July UGC made it mandatory for the universities to hold the final year exams as clearing students without exams will definitely doubt their credibility and would not be eligible for the future Holdings but however, this caused a situation of panic among the teachers, students, and parents as well and hence an appeal was made by many states regarding the revision of the guidelines put forth by the UGC.

However, looking at the response received by the 431 universities regarding readiness to conduct the final year examinations all other the universities need to be quick and in granting information to their respective students and authorities.

Concluding the reports conduction of final year examination mandate put forth by the UGC seems to fulfill and students should have a hand over their students and ready for any kind of decision which may come out very soon but not sooner than 30 august as of now.

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