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                 Mr. Mohit Kamboj an MLA candidate from Dindoshi Vidhansabha in 2014 and the General Secretary of BJPs Mumbai unit has been filed in a case by the Central Bureau of Investigation for cheating the Bank Of India for an amount of 67.22 crores.

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The case has roots back to 2013 - 2018 when Avyaan Overseas private limited now know as Bangla overseas private limited a gold jewellery exporter did fraudulent transaction where Mr. Kamboj was the managing director and he gave personal guarantee as well but later in 2015 he resigned from the firm. 
As per the reports from the Central Bureau Of Investigation a search for around five places in Mumbai was conducted which revealed locker keys, documents related to loans, property, and bank accounts as well.

Central Bureau Of Investigation

As per the first investigation report (FIR) filed by the Central Bureau Of Investigation (CBI), the firm was sanctioned an amount of 60 crores but in the year 2015, the account was mapped under nonperforming assets. However, post the audit done by the Bank Of India it was disclosed in a report stating the amount sanctioned was provided to acquire properties for the Kamboj family namely his wife. Also, some amount was used to do payment for the party namely BLK Exim and Mishka Gold private limited and the funds were diverted for the purchase of property under the name of Aksha Kamboj wife of Mohit Kamboj.

As per the FIR, this cannot be done all alone and named few bank officials and public servants as well. The CBI stated many manipulations were done to get the financial aid by forging fake documents and procuring fake trust of the bank. later the bank put up a one-time settlement of an amount to 30 crores but when the fraud details surfaced settlement was back footed by the Bank of India. 

Bank Of India

When Mr. Kamboj was contacted for a comment he simply stated about receiving the no due certificate from the bank in March 2019 post the one-time settlement of 30 crores however he did put up a statement of cooperating with the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) for further investigation. Bank of Baroda also declared Mr. Kamboj to be a wilful defaulter for non-payment of loans by his firm Avyaan Ornaments.

Bank Of Baroda

Mohit Kamboj is also known as Mohit Bhartiya that happens to be his social media handles. Mr. Kamboj did change his last name from Kamboj to Bhartiya and also he did grab a ticket from BJP for the Vidhan Sabha election from the Dindoshi Vidhan Sabha in the year 2014.

In the past as well many frauds or scams at banks made a zing over the newspaper to name a few are the Yes Bank, Punjab National Bank, Punjab & Maharashtra Bank, and many more cooperative as well as corporate banks. And many were exposed much after the occurrence so no major evidence is discoverable and culprit roams free. Also, the frauds are preplanned and hence they operate in their desired way also many of the times fraud occur with help of an insider as conducting the fraud is difficult without the help of an insider also bribes are the solution for getting work done generally.

Generally, scams occur in a particular pattern is known as the loan fraud in which loans are allotted by the bank to non-eligible individuals without checking proper document verification and as they won't be able to repay, the NPA increase and they are termed as defaulters and such name inclusion in the list makes the individual ineligible for further loans but this makes no difference to the individual as they are well versed with this kind of legal action form the banks and authorities and they pay no heed to this kind of happenings. And the affected credit score is bribed and used for the next loan application. Unless and until strict checking and in-person verification is done the loan should not be granted in order to avoid frauds and scams happening on a frequent note in and around the globe. Also, the loan repayment should be done on time as a responsible citizen.

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