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                Good news for all the users who use video call apps like WhatsApp, Zoom, Facebook, and many more. Google has turned over the switch on its stunning new noise cancellation feature which gives you a guarantee to cut out any background noise which might disturb your calls. After three years of the evolution process, google finally comes up with the solution in the form of Google Meet (Google Hangouts).

Zoom App

The majority of people around the world use video call apps to keep in touch with colleges, teachers, friends, and family. The timing of the video call is limited until now due to a large number of users at the same time. As per the new feature promoted by the google meets application there noise cancellation has been included in the application ass well.
              All the background noise cancellation process is done with the help of Artificial Intelligence System (AI). It also gives you more clarity to your voice. The noise cancellation feature given by Google Meet doesn't affect by the charging condition of your mobile or laptops. As we know that almost all smartphone and laptop users use the video call options so noise cancellation features will be enabled by default. Google Meet provides you the on/off switch for the background sound.

 Google Meet App

Additional to this Google Meet also given us facial recognition options. If anyone sits in front of the window then they direct themselves in shadow. This feature is now available for IOS and Android users. On the other hand, users who use laptops are unable to get this advantage yet. Since the image signal processors used in webcam of most laptops are not that much dedicated. Anyone can take advantage of Google Meet, you just have to sign up with your existing email address.


 Along with all the above mentioned detailing the data breach is the major concern for all the individuals and hence google turns out to be a more trusted source as much news surrounding zoom controversies regarding the breach has been surfacing for long as well. Here is one more profit with Google Meet that it can host up to 100 people at the same time. Zoom app provides you a free video call of 40 Minutes, while Google Meet is able to do free video conferences up to 60 Minutes which is always better than 40 Minutes. Further details about the time limit will be announced on September 30, 2020. 
Since the COVID outbreak, a lockdown almost worldwide was announced and the world came to sudden standstill fro a while but later issues were generated in the functioning of the committee formed to fight the virus and hence for better communication the video conferencing concept was brought in practices and then only one name became the talk of the town The Zoom Application as they have been in business for long and eventually Zoom application took a boom but very quickly reports suggesting the stealing of data by Zoom application became the hot topic and then Zoom had to face criticism also many portals termed Zoom application to be Chinese but later the CEO clarified their origin of existence and sought some relief from the outrage.
But once trust broken cant regain the original shape and this was seen as an opportunity by Google and they introduced Google Meets the successor of hangout and application know for a video call but failed to reach the limelight. With Google's name, the application got popular very soon. And yes google meet does have a few drawbacks or features less than zoom such as limit for members vary for Zoom and google meet and many such things vary for both the application but the trust factor puts google meet on top the charts. 
And google is keen to improve the features and efficiency of the application as the future is near about video format for a conference, meetings, interviews, etc and the best team of developers is working to conquer the field of video meeting application and change to dethrone Zoom.

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