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                     Maharashtra government took a big decision about lockdown on Monday, June 2020, by extending the lockdown in the state till 31 July 2020. According to the previous lockdown announced statement, the current lockdown was about to end on 30 June. Chief Minister Uddhav Thackrey announced the extended lockdown news on Sunday, 28 June. 
Stay Home
Chief Secretary Ajoy Mehta said about the safety precautions that wearing masks or face covers, maintaining social distancing, restriction on gatherings, and all other safety issues on Monday, 29 June The state government also said that work from home should be continued as long as possible. Chief Secretary ordered that private offices and workspaces can start with up to 10% of the total worker strength.
Corona Virus

As we know that the number of COVID-19 patients in Maharashtra is increasing day by day with a large number of scales. According to reports, the Maharashtra state reported its biggest single-day COVID-19 patients which are 5,493 on Sunday, 28 June. Now the total number of corona patients in Maharashtra is 1,64,626 and the total deaths in Maharashtra till now were 7429. As here is the list of all activities which are allowed to do till 31 July -
Unlock 1.0
  • All government offices except the hospital, medical and health, police management, disaster management, treasuries can work with 15% strength.
  • Bus service will be allowed in intra-district with a maximum 50% capacity per bus which includes the physical distancing and use of sanitization.
  • Private offices and workspaces can start with up to 10% of the total strength.
  • All necessary shops which got permission to remain open in the previous lockdown will continue to do so.
  • All non-necessary shops will be allowed to open as per the rule given by 31 May and 4 June.
  • Liquor shops will be allowed to open if permitted, home delivery.
  • As per the conditions given by state government barber shops, spa, salons, beauty parlors can be open.
  • E-commerce activity/ online delivery for necessary and non-necessary products will available with safety terms and conditions.
  • Permission allowed workers like plumbers, electricians, pest control, and technicians.
  • Permission allowed to the garages of vehicles and workshops with pre appointments.
  • Marriage related functions and gatherings on open spaces, lawns, and halls are permitted
  • Printing and distribution of newspapers are allowed.
  • All industries which got permission to open in the previous lockdown will remain open.
  • All construction sites which are public and private allowed to remain open.
  • Home delivery of kitchens, restaurants, and mess will be allowed to reopen.
  • Movement of vehicles is allowed with some restrictions i.e.
  • Taxi/Cab - One driver and two passengers
  • Rikshaw - One driver and two passengers
  • Two-wheeler -One rider and one passenger.
These are some rules announced by the Maharashtra state government. This is the part of the unlock process mission, states the Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray. Further, he said that under the mission begin again the state has now started not completely but possibly we will try our best. There will be some restrictions even after the unlock is start, but mutually we are trying to give more and more relaxation to the people.

When the COVID-19 outbreak happened in the month of march the month which rapidly raises the cases of coronavirus in India, due to this lockdown is initiated by the government of India on 22 March 2020  for a day, and later it was increased at a stretch of 15 to 20 days, and till date, the lockdown was initiated but in last month unlock 1.0 was initiated and this is happened to be a disaster as many non-essential stores have given permission to do business also and this caused a spike in the number of the cases of coronavirus. 
Looking at the current scenario the state government has extended the lockdown to July 31 but with certain leverages as well which happens to be not so fruitful as keeping the leverages in mind as lockdown of no use is what the general public thinks about. 
However, the government also has to look after the economy of the state and hence the government has extended the lockdown till 31 of July but keeping certain facilities working in the state as well, and this will definitely help the economy but looking at the reports from the World Health Organization that happens to be the international health organization.

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