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                    Schools and colleges which have been shut under the impact of COVID 19 will reopen after August 2020 was stated by the HRD Minister Ramesh Nishank Pokhriyal in an interview on 3 June 2020. For instance, 33 crore students have been relived post statements of the HRD Minister.

 HRD Minister 
Ramesh Pokhriyal

While the exams of CBSE board would be held from July 1 to July 15 of 2020 while the ICE/ICSE exams will start from 1 July till the 12 of July 2020. Plus the Neet and Jee exams schedule has also been presented which states that NEET will happen on 26 July 2020 and JEE has a time Range of 18 July to 23 July 2020. 

The UGC & NCERT has put some guidelines to be followed for the re-opening of schools presented safety guidelines to be followed for reopening in the COVID 19 situation. 
The school's have to install CCTV to ensure social distancing is followed thoroughly added to this teachers have to wear gloves and masks as well also thermal scanners to be installed.
Having circular from the central government about opening the schools in the month of august might get delayed as per the latest reports from the committee working over the solution for opening of the schools and colleges. Current scenario for the COVID cases in India is on a rise and have no intimation to slow down and hence in order to keep the student's safety at the highest priority the decision regarding opening of schools and colleges is in under the process of cancellation and might be postponed till further notice informed the sources.
An earlier report suggested schools to be reopened in the month of July but later the ministry suggested the authorities revisit the guidelines about the reopening of schools and colleges in the nation and the report represented by the authority pointed towards the opening post-August. As the opening of the school and colleges in June and July would increase the spreading of coronavirus and school kids are highly prone to get impacted by the coronavirus. 
Also, the report suggested that education shouldn't be halted as online education has been boosted over. The government is taking online education on a serious note and they have considered all the factors which would definitely enhance the educational experience for the teaching and learning fraternity. So the final call by the HRD Minister Ramesh Nishank Pokhriyal has been implemented which states that the school and Colleges are to be opened only after the month of August. Also, the condition that has been mentioned regarding the opening of schools and colleges in August is such that looking at the scenario the final decision will be made but still for the timing, August is the month consider for the opening of the next academic year as well.
 But looking at the rate, Coronavirus is spreading rapidly all over the nation and it is impacting the smallest areas. The rural and urban areas are completely devastated due to coronavirus pandemic. Coming on the examination of the final year the ministry posted up a letter which declares the conduction of final year examination in the month of July while many education institutions have requested for the cancellation of exams for all the students that are intended for intermediate as well as the final year, but however cancellation of final year exams is not currently possible is what was convened by the minister to a reporter in a press conference held at New Delhi. 
The central government has given the freedom to schools and colleges to conduct the lectures on their own convenience, it may be via online education also the time is not suggested by the government it is completely in the hands of the schools and colleges they can conduct the lectures in the way they want as per the time they want but the internal assessment has to be done for the students passing without exams for the first second third fourth year expect the final year students as well.

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  1. Considering everyone's safety, school and colleges should start only after vaccine for corona is available. Colleges shouldn't reopen atleast till august end..

  2. Yes . Schools and college must be opend after july

  3. Schools & colleges should open in September according to today's Corona circumstances

  4. Schools should not open until we got medicine or vaccine for it.

  5. Congrats yash.... Very informative n well written blog.... Keep up the skill


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