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                Researchers from the Harvard medical school, Boston presented a study that suggests coronavirus might be in existence since August 2019 in Wuhan the city where coronavirus originated and caused the world to a long shut down. 

Structure Of Covid-19

What does the study signify? 

Researchers observed an up move in the movement towards hospitalization and broad research on terms related to diseases by the general public in the time zone pertaining to the late summer, which indirectly suggests that the virus might have been in existence even before the Wuhan market breakout was generalized to the world in the month of November 2019.

This report is assisted by presenting the epidemiologic & biologic evidence suggest that the outbreak of the COVID 19 in China was having its roots internationally but was detected late in the month of December.

In order to proceed with the research, they had to collect around 110 to 112 satellite images pointing Wuhan from the date 9 January 2018 to 30 April 2020 which posted a huge extraction of the volume for the parking lot of the hospitals. As per the research an up movement was seen in the hospitalization from 2018 to 2020 wherein August 2019 turned out to be a point of a steep increase in hospitalization. While the hospitals in China have high volumes during winters, and coincidentally the term diarrhea and cough were the ones having the highest search volumes.

What's the final conclusion? 
On a primary note, the conclusion put forth by the researchers suggests no such confirmation can be provided regarding the high volumes in the hospital was due to the coronavirus but some evidence points to the existence of coronavirus much earlier that the outbreak in the Wuhan market.

Few more theories on the existence of the coronavirus as per the researchers -

Ever since the pandemic, many theories have surfaced on the existence of the coronavirus. A few weeks ago the world health organization (W.H.O) and China in coordination formed an international organization to investigate the existence o the coronavirus. The United States President Donald Trump is keen on citing the behavior of WHO to be biased towards China and did blame the organization for supporting China to avoid the clear view of the larger picture of the virus. Also along with Donald Trump, the Secretary of State Mike Pompeo did put forward the existence of coronavirus from an institute of virology existing in the Hubei province.

President Of the United States
Donald Trump

While China is being firm on being transparent with the organization on the coronavirus detailing and suggests they did provide timely updates and actual figures too. While WHO declared the coronavirus outbreak to be pandemic on 11 March 2020. While the research for the vaccine is still in the process. And the world hopes to receive the vaccine soon as the rapid growth of the virus is dangerous as if reports are to be believed the vaccine is expected to be on the ground by March 2021 but by a march, around 50 % of the population is expected to be infected by a virus. Hence the World Health Organization has recommended certain prevention which when taken care of will prevent the spread of the virus and eventually make the world a better place to be in.

The Coronavirus pandemic aroused in march but the reports suggest the virus was in existence since august 2019 in China but it was kept under the show to avoid grabbing of attention and hence no medical attention was given but later when the condition went out of hand the WHO was informed about it and the world was made aware but till the time news broke out the virus had spread rapidly in and around with travellers roaming around the globe and hence the situation currently is not in hands and need attention and prevention to prevent the major outbreak which won't be in control of the countries.

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