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                 In the wake of the COVID 19 outbreak, many scientists have been on the run for getting a vaccine for the virus that made the world stop and stay home. But no one succeeded in getting the vaccine and there are predictions about the estimated time for the arrival of vaccine to be around a year but till then half of the population would be affected by the coronavirus. Reports on inventions of the vaccine by many countries surfaced but no one reached the ocean as social media did the rounds and it didn't have any firm support from the producers.

Later Glenmark a pharmaceutical company put forth a vaccine priced at INR 103 for the coronavirus with validation from the authorities. Soon after this move yoga guru, Ramdev baba did bring in the news of a vaccine to be found for the coronavirus named coronil tablet which when tested proved fully efficient.

Thursday was the day when an ayurvedic solution for the coronavirus was discovered by Patanjali having baba Ramdev as a brand ambassador with support from testing conducted at their Haridwar center named as Patanjali Yogpeeth for all the sufferers.


As soon as news about the research was populated the ministry of AYUSH confined about not receiving any details regarding the research and the circulation is a kind of baseless. Later the Ministry of AYUSH issued a notice for the investigation of the drug introduced as a corona drug and provide details about the research and put a halt to the promotion of the drug in terms of corona drug.
The Ministry of AYUSH has also asked Pantanjali to stop the sale of the coronil drug until the approval is received from the authorities. 

The details demanded from Pantanjali are posted below - 

- The truth about the relevance of the drug towards the treatment of the coronavirus along with the details about the composition.

- The location proving the testing conduction of the drug.

- Details about the sample, authorization centers, and all legal considerations are taken into account while revealing the vaccine are asked by the Ministry.

- Ministry of AYUSH has also demanded the details on endorsement & license details as well.

Ramdev Baba With Narendra Modi

Government officials from the state of Uttarakhand put up a statement claiming that Patanjali didn't clear the air on the creation of the drug in their presence at the time for applying for the licenses. 
The Government of Uttarakhand has approved the sale of the drug. Later questions were raised on the licensing authority and hence clearing the questions raised, the Government of Uttarakhand mentioned the application provided by Patanjali which stated that licenses for sales were approved only for the drug which is used to boost immunity and energy and no mention of coronavirus was done.

The officials commented on sending them a notice on how could they obtain permission for manufacturing the COVID kit without notifying the officials. The Government of Uttarakhand has been demanded by the ministry for details on the licenses and endorsement details based on which the sale approval was provided.

Acharya Balkrishna used twitter to clear the air about the news and tweeted about the details being submitted to the ministry demanded. He also tweeted about how the government is proud to boast the ayurvedic inventions and does support the creators.

Acharya Balkrishna

And hence the government has put a hold to sale and promotion of the drug produced by Patanjali a brand endorsed by Yoga guru baba Ramdev. 'Coronil and swasari' shown 100% achievable results during the clinical trials on the patients who are infected by COVID-19, said by Baba Ramdev. Naik said that after this procedure the document related to the drugs and the research trial taken by herbal medicine was sent to the Ayush Ministry.
Ayush Minister Sripad Naik said that Patanjali Ayurved should not promote the coronil tablet until the ministry approves it. Patanjali Research Institute tie-up with the National Institute Of Medical Science in Jaipur to invent the medicine which can cure the coronavirus infection. Their first drug coronil is not enough to cure corona patients 100% so it is banned by the Ayush Ministry. 

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