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               Major e-commerce giants Amazon & Flipkart have started the delivery of non-essential as well as essential products in a range of pin codes in the non-containment zones and only essential products to be delivered in the containment zones.


Bengaluru based e-commerce platform Flipkart has put up some guidelines for the employees returning back to work which needs to be followed stated as no workspace to be decorated in order to continue smooth work.


Flipkart a Walmart owned company has made laws of social distancing mandatory to be followed by putting indication in the washrooms, canteens, and the elevators also the e-commerce giant has ensured mandatory use of temperature check equipment mask and sanitizers ass well.

Now as the e-commerce platforms namely Flipkart and amazon have initiated the delivery of essential and non-essential products countrywide they have also sorted out the things to make the delivery safe and contactless.


When the lockdown was initiated all the online e-platform were in a state of freeze but when the government announced the lockdown 4.0 it made some great opening for the e-commerce platforms with the permission to deliver non-essential and essential products in the country excluding the containment zones, and later as per the reports the categories which boomed the sales post the unlock 1.0 for the e-commerce platforms were electronics, home equipment, and furniture.

Flipkart rival Amazon has ordered the executives and staff to promote hygiene practices and intimate them as well also the regular cleansing of the sites has been boosted up drastically post the coronavirus outbreak and the delivery partners have been asked to take extra efforts to maintain hygiene and safe simple implement safe practices and sanitization of the surface in frequent contact.

Aarogya Setu App

Aarogya Setu has been made mandatory by Flipkart for all the members also the working hours the shifts and the working environment have been under modification at the Flipkart head office also many sessions for the awareness have been conducted for the protection of around 1 lakh people from all the sector associated with Flipkart be it the office boy or an executive or a delivery partner.

Now the major challenge for the electronic retailers is gaining back the trust of the customer along with onboarding of the new partners post the elimination of the COVID era and this definitely has provided huge opportunities for the young entrepreneur. The government decided to screw on e-commerce like Amazon and Flipkart. According to reports, the government will be announcing tighter rules to discipline the e-commerce platforms. The new rules are in favor of consumers. The all-new rules for the online platforms will assure that any online fraud, return, and refund issues and cancellation orders convey satisfactorily and sincerely. According to reports, many people sent suggestions to the government about the e-commerce sector. 

Few rules that are introduced by the government -
  • Within 48-72 hours of the product cancellation, the responsibility will be fixed for the return of the product.
  • The return complaints will have to be refunded within 7 days after cancellation.
  • All complaints of the customer to be resolved in 15 days from the complaint date.
  • Problems that are serious have to be resolved within a month of the complaint.
  • For every product, customer care number and email are mandatory for the convenience of the customer.
  • If any faulty product received to the customer it should be changed within the given time.
  • Feedback and reviews should be visible.
In the corona era, people don't prefer outdoor shopping and e-commerce platforms got a boom for this single reason also they did face losses in the initial stages of lockdown following the government instruction but later the e-commerce platforms were permitted with sales and delivery in non-containment zones.  Also, many organizations put forth thought for boosting local market vendors but to no use.
Users from rural as well as urban areas have been keen on ordering via e-commerce as no retail stores have been serving the users. But when ordering from an e-commerce platform the security of users is of main concern and needs to be taken care of by the e-commerce stores as safety should be the number one priority.

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