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               Tejas Dapke a Pharm D. student from Bharati Vidyapeeth has expressed his views in his native language MARATHI  on the current ongoing situation of the education system. Post the COVID 19 pandemic many schools and colleges have turned to online education platforms for initiating their upcoming academic year.
As the pandemic occurred many education institutes switched to online education platforms in order to continue their syllabus completion and academic calendar. But does online education implicate the knowledge imparted by the physical presence of a teacher in a typical classroom learning and does it satisfy the doubt clearing of students?


Online education requires technology to be updated with all the necessary equipment but the ones from rural areas are not that adequate. Also using technology has an adverse effect on the growth of children as well also it does make them a bit introvert also there are chances of the user of the online platforms losing out their confidence and affects public speaking as well. 


Yes it does have a few advantages like the ease of learning at your own space and time and yes it does provide the solution to each and every solution and it is affordable but looking at the cons it's advisable to use online learning only at an emergency situation like the one that has arisen in the pandemic and we hope no such pandemic occurs soon. 

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An adverse impact of online education is the impact over the economy as if the entire education system is shifted onto online education the members dependent on education will be affected badly as students preferring to learn from home will avoid academic costing and it will affect the economy as well. 
Online education can get a boost with parallelly operating the traditional education system and this way both industries can function well but if we boost online education it will be a pro for one and con for another.
 Similarly, online education happens with the required equipment at the required internet speed as well also the time should match now coming on to the online application via the applications provided by the BYJU's, JARO, etc they do have prerecorded videos for the students as well but on a live classroom we get to interact with the teacher and for that, we need the required equipment as well as connectivity which is not possible for everyone. 
In order to get the boost on online education one to one sessions should be provided for the students as well as the parents and counseling about the online education, the way online education works and it can prove beneficial for the members on both the ways, the way of operation should be imparted to the students, as well as the teaching staff. Also, proper care should be taken that online education should not affect the health of the students as glaring through the screen all the time will definitely impact on the growth of the students. 
The students also need to be taken care by physical means as well the students would definitely become couch potatoes just because of online education, it is also a kind of disadvantage for online education even though we say that online education provides us learning at our ease and at our own time but still it does have major disadvantages which are harmful to the future growth and the mind growth as well.
Online education via various platforms does provide advantages but the major disadvantage which is seen nowadays is that students are already addicted to mobile phones and encouraging them to grab mobile for education would be definitely not a good step to be taken.
Also against all the odds, online education has proven to be beneficial in the duration of lockdown but it won't sustain long as it drastically affects the mental and physical health of the students as well as the teaching staff. So a common solution needs to be worked out as it should be fruitful for both parties. Definitely online education or e-learning can be beneficial to a certain extent but no complete solution is provided. 
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