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                Monday morning dated 15 June 2020 sourced news from Islamabad, Pakistan confirming the missing of two Indian high commission officials. Monday morning was a normal routine day for the officials who were on duty while the missing of the officials was reported late afternoon when the two members who went out on an official work note but didn't report back. 

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As soon as the news of two high commission officials went missing surfaced the Indian authorities have been in talks with the Pakistan authorities. Recently no good talks in town have been happening for both the countries as India has predicted Pakistan being keeping a watch via human medium over India. 
Earlier to this incident, a chasing by an inter-service intelligence ( ISI ) did occur for Mr. Gaurav Ahulwalia's car who happens to be Indias charged affairs. Ahluwalia's car was chased by a person riding over a bike.

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The Indian High Commission located in Pakistan in the month of March reported to the foreign ministry in Islamabad about the issues created by the Pakistani agencies for all the authorities farmed under the organization. As per the reports, 13 of the incidents itself were reported in the month of March which obstructed their working pattern and also instructed to stop such happening and further prevent such incidents. 
On a strong consent, the Indian authorities have instructed the Pakistani authorities to avoid the occurrence of such incidents and further ordered to investigate the matter and provide a valid outcome.

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And here comes the outcome after all the happening which states the two officers have been arrested under the hit and run offense and will be released soon when the ministry of external affairs expressed strong consent over investigation and instruction to the Pakistan authorities about the responsibility of security of the officials working in their province.
The Pakistani media reported the hit and run incident post the missing nearly about 7 hours later and later was confirmed by the Pakistani authorities. This is not the first time when Pakistan did anything like this with Indians. When Narendra Modi became  Prime Minister of India, in November 2015 he discussed with Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif about the issues.
 A few months later Prime Minister Modi went to Pakistan, it was an unscheduled visit while coming back to India. As a result, the relation between India and  Pakistan became normal for a few months. Later again in 2016, A terrorist attack on 18 September 2016 which we called a Uri attack. In the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir near the town of Uri 18 soldiers were killed while 20 injured. 
Pakistan sponsored militants are keen to put damage to all the Indian lands as we'll the Indian public and the Indian army naval as well as the air force. In this blast, 38 Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) officers were killed. All these attacks were done by the Pakistani based group Jaish-E-Mohammed.
The Pakistan government has been hiding the existence of the Underworld Don Ibrahim for years also the Pakistan government has been denying reports of any terrorist activity conducted from their part or the existence of terrorist groups on their land. While the report suggested by the Indian government are taken note from the Pakistan government. Pakistan is dear to the terrorist group holdings. The report suggests harmful behavior towards the Indian officials working in the Pakistan government or on the land of Pakistan. 
Even though Pakistan displays a separate picture for the world but in the end, it still remains the same. While India has never been on the war side but the abduction of the Indian High Commission Officials has raised eyebrows and many patriots did put forth their views.
Also, the government has been a bit aggressive for now and the general public of India has been expecting this behavior of the government of India for long but at last, it has been at a pace.
Now the world needs to be at peace as it is now facing a lot and needs a solution for the crisis. 
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