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                For all the Instagram users in India and all over the globe, Instagram has brought in a piece of super exciting news. Just for a glance, Instagram was started as an apple store application in the year 2010 and as of 2019, the platform has around 1 billion active users on a monthly basis.


As a matter of fact, these days Instagram is being used as a medium of business for the majority of the creators around the globe and Instagram is emerging as a platform for business. Considering these statistics and insight Instagram has brought in the news to benefit all the creators and increase engagement over the platform.
Instagram has posted an update stating the feature of selling content and products to the customers by the content creators. And this change is expected to ring in from 9 July 2020. The move came in effect as a result of the COVID 19 outbreak as the fear is limiting visits to the stores and hence the creator can make a living by selling the products or content via photo-sharing platform.

Instagram Users

Well, opportunities are supported by terms and conditions and the same is for Instagram. Instagram didn't fail to mention the criteria for a user to be eligible for this privilege.
Users should have truthfulness and yes they should have a decent user base not being specific still sufficient for Instagram to approve the user. Also, the user should have a tag of products and source of initial source for selling the products.

Instagram Account

2016 was the year when Instagram introduced the shopping tags and much earlier to 2016 Instagram was keen to make their platform a source for shopping also in 2018 the shopping feature was introduced into the explore tab and celebrities did have access to the stores but the creator was left out and hence Instagram has taken into consideration this and acted accordingly. 
Instagram has been on a boom since its launch. All over it was considered as an iPhone application but later on, it moved on to various other platforms like Android and Windows, but recently it has backed out of the Windows as well but now coming on the business part of the business mind that Instagram displayed a picture which could gain the success, and bring it on the business on the basis of the popularity. 
The creators of the applications are aware of the huge popularity over the celebrity section as well they can bring in huge business. This was the greatest thought produced by the business mind at the Instagram office. Looking at the current scenario Instagram has to be the topper now because earlier it was facebook but later Instagram got a boom. Instagram was later acquired by Facebook and since then Instagram is being on the rise constantly. 
While Instagram being the base photo-sharing app they have also evolved in the business field as well as many opportunities rose for them. While many celebrities had themselves on the platform it became the most popular application and entered the business field as popularity leads to business. Many of the time creators, content creators, celebrities do have their accounts on Instagram and they use it for business purposes. 
Rumors suggest that Ronaldo and many other celebrities are paid per post also brand promotion happens on Instagram, so looking out to all the scenario Instagram being kind to the creators, gave space for them as well they have launched this service for the content creators and for the celebrities. In this service, the content creators will be able to sell their products directly to the customer while they need to comply with the rules and regulations of Instagram. 
They need to get qualified and certified to sell their products also they need to have a base from which they will operate and the source of origin should also be provided to Instagram. The user should be aware of the authenticity of the product which they are purchasing, as Instagram is operating as a platform or as a bridge between the customer and the seller. It needs to be in order in both the seller as well as a customer because the content creator is using the name of Instagram to sell their product while the buyer is trusting Instagram to buy the products from the seller.

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