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              Alerts for all the Indian crowd!

                            Many of you will be the victim of a mail from the Lazarus Group a hacker group from North Korea. And the attack plan has been leaked and scheduled to happen on June 21 of 2020. The aim of the hacker group is to get financial aid amid the pandemic and they aim to target many other countries along with India namely Singapore, South Korea, japan UK, and the United States. The group aims to target around 20 lakh Indians and other country nationals. The attack is based on the COVID 19 based theme format of phishing. ZDNet reported the ultimate target of around 50 lakh individuals and businesses from large and medium scales too.


Cyfirma a Singapore based cybersecurity vendor confirmed the aim to be gaining finance from the attack by phishing in fraud website links wherein the visitor will be pleased to enter the financial details and hence the hackers conquer their aim. A random claim from the group indicates the holding of the group to be around 11 lakh form japan and a huge 20 lakh form India and 1.8 lakh from the united states as well. 

The email id belonging to the Singapore based individual would receive an email of getting a relief package for COVID 19 pandemics from the government in the Chinese language and it would be from a fake ministry account. Ritesh Kumar the founder of Cyfirma did the job of being an obedient and responsible citizen and did inform the agencies of all the six countries and they in return did confirm the investigation.
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North Korea's primary intelligence group controls the Lazarus group indirectly as per reports. The Lazarus group has been blamed twice earlier as they were the ones responsible for the ATM scam that happened in India and the reports were put forth by Kaspersky lab also they were taken in a conduit of the hacking on sony entertainment as well and many more incidents have been reported while the major ones trace back to the Lazarus Group. So high alert to not fall prey to such phishing attacks.

In the year 2001, the term cyber-attack was not even the one to be heard around but as of now, that is 2020 cybercrime or cyberattack is heard from all age groups on a frequent note. As the IT sector grows the cyber attack does grow rapidly as many hacker groups are on stake to gain money and satisfy their motive as well also not all hacker groups work for money many have a variety of motive and hacker is considered to be the dangerous human. Knowledge of hacking when used wisely is definitely a beneficiary part and it does have a professional name popularly known as Ethical hackers but not all are in the good part and hence a birth to the hackers on the devil side is given.

Cyber attacks are generally spread on al larger scale via the phishing format which happens in place when a user clicks a link received over various platforms or formats may it be email or direct notifications notice and when a user drops the consent hacker has access to the entire library. Also these days the real wealth is data and the hacker groups collect data and drop for sale over the Dark Web at their desired price and the buyer has the right to use the data in any way they prefer while the sellers have no control over it after the blocking the deal.

 Many arguments happen over the usage of high-end Softwares for the protection of data but the real question arises when the software is put to work whether it works on the owners' part or the hackers as many software work in favor of the hackers as well. Also using any kind of software does not guarantee the protection of data to 100% efficiency and it is clearly mentioned over the information booklet as well and hence use is strictly user-specific.

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