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               Three of our brave Indian soldiers were killed in a faceoff with China at the Ladakh border was confirmed by the  Indian army sources. As per the sources senior military officials from both the countries are having a meet currently. 

Indian Soldiers

Monday night is the time when the tragic incident occurred at the Galwan valley in Ladakh where three of our brave soldiers and an army officer were killed in a face-off with Chinese soldiers where efforts were made to ease the tension aroused around the border.

Indian Soldiers

The army sources confirmed the killing happened in a faceoff basis on the Indian territory. The capital of China, Beijing reported the crossing of the border by India on the purpose of attacking the Chinese personal. The news agency also reported the call of China foreign ministry to the Indian government about not stirring up the trouble and sort out things as soon as possible.

Prime Minister Of India
Narendra Modi

While China is not happy with the construction of Indian roads around the area which was initiated by Prime minister Narendra Modi in order to improve the connectivity. The actual attack happens to be with the use of stones and rods from both ends which is a kind of reversal of the incident that occurred on 5 and 6 may around the north bank of Pangong lake injuring a mass number of soldiers from both the nations.

Indian Soldiers

The killing of the Indian personal around the border happened after 45 years and the one that happened 45 years ago was in the year 1975 where 4 soldiers lost life near Tulung la in Arunachal PradeshTensions were on the rise since the lasts five weeks where the Indian soldiers were in the eye to eye contact with the Chinese army in the Galway valley
The border scene has been famous for the time since India got freedom. A few of the time it has been Pakistan, a few of the time it has been Bangladesh, and a few of the time it has been China. The border has been a major issue as land is a pride of a country so the Ladakh has been the prime location also the state of Jammu and Kashmir considered as heaven and Pakistan is keen on acquiring it and so there is a certain part that is acquired by Pakistan known as POK (Pakistan Acquired Kashmir). 
Also, China has been intruding on the Indian borders. In the past as well China has tried to enter the Indian borders by harming our Indian army but this time it has been at a new level. Chinese troops attacked the Indian army with stones and rods. This time two of our army men were killed were the report suggested earlier but the later report resurfaced and the count increased also the tension between the two countries has risen due to the border issues. 
A final solution needs to be worked on by both the nation as we need peace. India has never been in favor of war whereas the opinion of China is still under the box. But however, in this pandemic situation, the action taken by the Chinese is not at all accepted and the Chinese government has been criticized worldwide. 
India has also sent a strong notice to the Chinese government regarding this issue and the issue has been taken up by the international borders as well. The final decision is awaited also the speculations have been made about the peaceful closure of the issue. The decision is expected to be out soon and we can regain peace over the borders as the world has to overcome this pandemic and we cannot expect another issue rising in our country or at the borders. As a citizen, an army man everyone needs to be at peace and the world has to be the better place to be in. 
The citizens expect a strong move from the Modi led government against the moves by Chinese troops and strict warning to be provided for all the neighboring countries as well.
Further details are awaited

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