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                  Major IT firms to name a few Wipro, TCS, Infosys have previously stated in the month of April regarding the honoring of the job offers made earlier but didn't forget to mention the new hiring will be on a slow pace.


Many tech firms have put a hold to hiring with respect to the COVID 19 outbreak. Whereas the functioning of the firms in nonuniform considering the restriction being lifted on state-level hence it impacts the efficiency. 


Many freshly graduated youth is clueless about the onboarding as no joining date been finalized yet by the IT firms. In the meantime cognizant has informed about onboarding via the electronic platform while the start date for trainees in India has been postponed until further notice taking into consideration the academic schedules which are badly impacted by the COVID 19 outbreak.


Suresh Bethavandu the global head of talent acquisition at cognizant clearly stated the benefit of having an AI-based technology which helped into the hiring procedure where the presence only matters for the day of joining and they have newbies working remotely as well.

Barring a few companies, many are finding it difficult to onboard employees via digital medium and are facing difficulties considering the infrastructure and many more issues. Even though the hiring we'll be honored the onboarding will definitely take time and this is no hidden fact.

In the Coronavirus situation, many of the youth are losing out their jobs, many have been unemployed. The unemployment rate is expected to grow in the coming time also the major companies are facing losses these days. Everyone is under tension and hence need to cope up. The situation has dropped down to such a level that huge IT firms namely TCS, Wipro, Infosys, and many of the top MNC are keen on losing their staff.

 The increment criteria for this year or the upcoming two or three years have completely vanished as the crises have completely disturbed the economy. The growth rate of India that is the GDP is expected to run in minus as well. And in such situations, the companies have to keep them running and they have their fixed cost. For example, the rent they have to pay, electricity bills, utility bills, and expenses such as medical insurances, employee travel allowance has to be provided also the extra care taken is also included in the cost of operation. 

Earlier when the lockdown was imposed the companies were directed not to reduce the staff counts. But later when they applied in the High court and supreme court the judge announced no such restrictions can be put on companies by the government for holding on the employees. The companies are free to make their decision. 

In this situation, major IT companies had their placement drives in colleges in the month of March, April as per their schedule. Now the main question arises that the ones who have secured their jobs at any IT or MNC firm will survive, cause getting hired, and getting call letters is the biggest difficult for students right now. When the students receive call letter they can join, but for that they need training and for training, they need resources so when the actual hiring happens, when the salary will be credited in their account is a matter of thought which is taken into consideration by a major authority for the timing. 

But many of the companies have come forward and they did put up that the hiring will be honored however it may be delayed, hence students need not worry. But not all the firm had taken these steps and we definitely need to think about it cause future needs to be secured as the students who got selected have been selected based on their merits and they do deserve the post for which they had been selected at the placement that they secured. The firms are keen on reducing staff and also have been firm in accepting the new hires because they need to generate employment and also it will help them to regain the lost business. 

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