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                           The pandemic happened, soon the lockdown was announced worldwide at a range of duration. The lockdown affected the economy in various ways. 

Many businesses were seen to be nowhere in the pandemic duration which is still on track of increment. It's generally a saying which suggests that the food industry won't be suffering in any situation but coronavirus did break that assumption and caused the restaurant to stop the operations. The lockdown decision announced by the government affected the fast-food chains as well but they can't stay the same for long and hence they brought in the change in the way in which they operate. 


The major fast-food chain to name a few like McDonald's, Starbucks, etc immediately implemented the social distancing formula in order to continue the operation and experts suggest this is the way these fast-food chains will operate in the future however with a few changes. 

McDonald put forth the figures which suggest the drop to 19% in the month of April happened but with the implementation of social distancing the figure plunged to a 5% decline, a whopping 14% recovery just by the implementation of social distancing. Just like the food industry many other players too need to implement the social distancing scenario or else it would be difficult to cope up. 

Also, experts predicted the rise in social distancing to be aroused around 2023 before the pandemic but it has arrived earlier hence it is said that the future arrived ahead of schedule. While the fast-food giants who are in operation can reduce their operational cost by cutting down on staff as the dine-in facility is still not available and won't be soon. 

Burger King

And as the majority of consumption is via takeaway no external handling cost is needed for operation in the pandemic situations. Many restaurants are still on the shutdown mode hence it is indirectly benefiting the ones who are operational in the pandemics. And it will surely help to recover the drop in sales and on the other hand, no one sleeps empty stomach on humanitarian grounds as well.
Now as the orders are happening in the takeaway format the time required is drastically reduced and the fast-food chain is observing a surge in the demand for takeaway as well. Also, that restaurant who is dependent on the foot traffic is on the part of loosing as they are trapped because of their location as many are located inside a college campus or someone operates near a school or in a particular multistorey building.


 On a routine Monday morning the most sold-out item at chains in and around colleges, schools, and work is coffee but pandemic stole the breakfast business from the food chain as no place is operational and hence the restaurant is affected on a maximum level. Many fast-food chains warned of sales dropping in for the breakfast mode while an increase in the dinner meal has increased but not many restaurants offer the meal for dinner and many don't even offer a day time meal as well for instance many are formed on grounds of breakfast as it happens to be the first meal of the day. 

And as the world is at a standstill no marketing guy can bring in a man for breakfast may it be the biggest marketer of time. Starbuck has planned a way out of the situation as they plan to increase the store count in rural areas and the main emphasis would be on take away and delivery portion as the store need not be on point as the one located in the urban locations and this is the way Starbucks can save on their cost and expect return even over low sales. 

And no surprise to the fact that social distancing would be part of life at least at the fast-food outlets. But looking at the current scenario no one would be up for outside food and this thought is drastically affecting the food industry in terms of economy. No amount of advertisements and offers can bring back the customer soon and this is possible only after conditions are up for betterment.

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