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               Savitribai Phule Pune University known as SPPU is on a vision to start online education. Amid the Corona Virus outbreak, colleges have been shut since March 2020. The coronavirus was not meant to stay this long but it didn't leave the platforms. Later for the promotion of students to the next academic year solution was obtained and the promotion was done and a break to the talk was done till the month of May. But as the coronavirus was on an increasing patch, questions rose about the next academic year. 
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And the committee formed by the state and central government suggests beginning the next academic year via online platforms and so this won't affect the students learning. however not all the students are capable to acquire online education. Also, the colleges affiliated to the Savitribai Phule Pune University are from a variety of regions, and students from various backgrounds form the student base of the SPPU.                                                          
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When physical classes are in the running students having doubts get it solved by raising the doubts in the classroom itself but now as the online education is on the platter students are facing it difficult to clear their doubt out of improper equipment and connectivity issues. Taking the issue on the headlines Savitribai Phule Pune University did a change in their language of education. Pune the city and State Maharashtra is considered to be Marathi speaking state also the majority of students are familiar with the Marathi language as many have Marathi as their mother tongue. 

The majority of students find the Marathi language comfortable and helps in better understanding and hence the Savitribai Phule Pune University has taken a step to convert all the lectures or the majority of lectures into the Marathi language on the online platform named Swayam

The Education media research centre (EMRC) has taken the project under their ownership and are keen to complete it very soon. SPPU has mapped 40 courses under the Swayam portal and this step has been taken as the original work over the course is not in Marathi language and this step has helped the students as many are from the rural areas. 

EMRC has appointed Vivek Nabar as their informant officer who commented about the courses being mapped under the Swayam portal and completion of about 40% of work has been done by the EMRC till date. 40 courses selected are from the first phase and expect to add more in the upcoming times. Teachers from the Savitribai Phule Pune University have already started the work of translation into Marathi and volunteers from the areas have been invited by SPPU for the translation work. 

Coordinator at EMRC has confirmed about the usefulness of translation. He mentioned the importance of discussion as it is the main reason for the translation of the lecture into the Marathi language as it makes easy for students to understand concepts and act on it.

The move was also appreciated by students from various departments. Students commented about the move in a positive way which explains their relief as well. A student mentioned about how they get their lectures explained in Marathi for better understanding which helps them to write in English for their examination and this makes concept clear and benefit the students. Also, many students from a rural graduate from Marathi medium and some also have Marathi as their prime and only understandable language.

Speaking of the online lecture which would be a point of argument for solving doubt, all of us are aware of how the online lectures are conducted. The teacher is also not able to deliver lectures because of connectivity issues also students are not able to hear what the teacher is saying and then how could they raise doubt and get their answers?

Swayam is a platform for online education where lectures are translated into the Marathi language and don't hesitate to join Swayam as it a free platform. Students from various departments can join the platform and gain knowledge. And this will surely help students in their academic growth and academic year overcoming times as corona has no indications to exit soon.

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