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               Higher technical education minister Uday Samant finally after much doubts and circulations declared the cancellation of exams to be valid with the approval from Maharashtra state Governer.

Chief Minister Of  Maharashtra
Uddhav Thackrey

Earlier the exams were scheduled in the month of July but later looking at the condition of COVID 19 worsening in the state, the Chief Minister of Maharashtra Uddhav Thackrey conveyed the message of cancellation of exams but later the Governor of Maharashtra raised an issue of legalities in the cancellation of exams and the decision was conveyed without taking into account the decision of the Governor. 
Later many meetings and consultations occurred over the committee and today finally higher technical education minister Mr. Uday Samant declared the cancellation of final year exams of B.A, B.S.c, and B.Com over the Facebook page of Maharashtra DGIPR. 


The Minister stated the students who wish to get free without getting an exam have to write a letter to the university stating they are ready to accept the scores provided by averaging and also the students who wish to get score by having an exam also have to notify the university by a letter.


And the main concern for backlog students is still on the hang as no decision regarding backlog has been made by the minister and his committee and they intend to give out a decision very soon to be precise in coming 3 to 4 days. 
So in order to conclude all the final year students who have been under tension are relived today finally on the remarkable date of 19 June 2020 where the one who is ready to accept the score can call themselves to be a Graduate and soon a timetable will be released for the ones who wish to give exams. 
The decision regarding the final year examination has still not confirmed by the official authorities. The Chief Minister of Maharashtra Shri. Uddhav Thackeray confirmed the cancellation of final year examinations along with the Higher Technical Minister  Shri. Uday Samant due to the wake of the COVID pandemic and it's rising cases. 
A few days later the Governor of Maharashtra raised a question about the cancellation of exams as he sent a letter to the Chief Minister stating that he got to know about the cancellation of exams via the news and social media. Whereas, the governor wasn't involved and considered while making such a decision and hence he disagrees with the decision took by the Chief Minister and hence disagrees with the same. 
Also, the Higher Technical Minister Shri Uday Samant has requested all the authorities of the respected department of A.I.C.T.E i.e. All India Technical Education, The Bar Council, The Medical Department about scrapping the examination so as and when they provide the confirm decision and he can proceed with the cancellation of final year examinations as well, but still no firm decision is made yet related to the professional course. Also the HRD Minister Shri. Ramesh has suggested the UGC reconsider the decision and reinvestigate the possibilities of conducting the final year examination of the professional courses.
Further, NCP Chief Shri. Sharad Pawar while in an interview said that the decision taken by the Chief Minister regarding cancellation of examination of final year students due to outbreak of coronavirus is a wise decision as the safety of the students should be given priority as almost more than 8 lakh students are appearing for the said exam.
After the announcement of the cancellation of examination, Chief Minister of Maharashtra stated that the marks will be given on the previous year's performance and will be apportioned on average basis. Further, it was also stated that students who wish to appear for the exams and improvise their marks should give a written undertaking to the respected University.
The Final news happens to be in favour of Students is what's was conveyed by the Higher Technical Education Minister Uday Samant and he is firm on the cancellation of the exams for the final year students as well and is trying to get the government of Maharashtra on board as well for the benefit of students. 

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